plans for this site – update!


Sorry for this quick update on my last message on this, however my impulsive nature has meant the last post is now rather out of date!

After reading a few articles and thinking about it I have decided to host this blog myself and move the location. This will have very little initial impact as I will be using the same software to run the site (although the look may slightly change as I can’t get the same theme).

The two main things to note is that over the next couple of days I may not be posting quite as much whilst I get it all set up, and that if you subscribe via RSS this feed will change (I will let you know what it changes to).

The basic reasoning for the change is that it is better to do it now whilst the site is small and new than when (if!) it becomes big and established. Sorry for any intial inconvenience this may cause, however in the long run it will be less work for me and a better website for you!

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