Weekly devotion – The importance of giving and receiving


Receiving is an art. It allows others to become part of our lives

Jesus commanded us to give – and receive. There must be a healthy balance between both. His command to receive keeps us realistic about our personal limitations, our dependency on God – and on others. His command to give challenges our innate selfishness. Assimilation and elimination; your body dies without them – so does your soul.

For some of us, receiving is harder than giving. We’ve no trouble giving insight, giving hope, giving courage, giving advice, giving support, giving money, even giving ourselves. No, our greatest challenge is to become gracious receivers. By receiving, we acknowledge our need of others and that’s hard on our ego.

We also reveal to the giver that they have something worth giving; we add value to their lives. Often it’s only in the eyes of the receiver that the giver discovers his worth. When somebody gives us a watch but we never wear it, is that watch really received? When they offer us an idea and we don’t at least consider it, is that idea even appreciated? When they introduce us to a friend, but we ignore them, is that friend truly accepted? Receiving is an art. It allows others to become part of our lives; even to become dependent on them in certain areas. It requires the grace to say “I need you; without you, I wouldn’t be who I am.”

Receiving from the heart requires love and humility. Too many people are wounded and never reach out again, because their gifts weren’t valued. So today, let’s try to be good givers – and receivers!

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