More Blogrush improvements? Not here…

BlogRush logoBlogrush is continuing to claim to make big improvements to their service, which should make it even more appealing to Christian blogs. These changes were mooted a couple of weeks ago but most have not come to fruition yet. One of the key updates they have just made is to improve the quality of the blogs and remove all the spam blogs. Unfortunately for me they have deemed this blog as spam and de-activated my account! Nice! I am just assuming it is my content that got me excluded, as they provide a list of seven possible reasons why the blog may have been de-activated but don’t actually tell you why. Regardless, in the spirit of Christian grace it is still possible that Blogrush may be of use to your site so here are the main changes promised:


  • Improved statistics
    The initial and current statistics available are both minimal and also relatively inaccurate. All that will change with the new dashboard. One of the key changes to Blogrush is the ability to track which of your posts are being clicked on the most. This will be vital in allowing you to see what titles people tend to look at, allowing you to drive more traffic to you site by using more popular titles. There is also a few graphs to help you easily see what is happening, as well as the ability to create custom reports.

  • Higher positioning on blogs
    Blogrush are going to make sure their widget is placed higher on peoples blog. You may not want it higher on your own, but this will create a level playing field and help to really increase the number of people clicking through to your blog.
  • More categories
    The Christian category is now up and running on Blogrush! This will ease a lot of fears over what content is being shown on your blog.
  • Bonus credits
    There will be bonus credits given to blogs. These will be weighted towards the smaller blogs to help them get more benefit from using Blogrush. So if you felt you Blogrush wouldn’t work for you before, now it might!
  • Tighter controls on Blogrush blogs
    All blogs are being checked to root out the spam blogs or ones with inappropriate content. Once again, this will help reduce fears about the type of blog posts that may be shown on your site by Blogrush. It seems to me if this blog was deemed inappropriate then quite a lot of others must have been too.

Blogrush had accounted for approximately 2% of my traffic. If you consider this costs nothing, and is quite literally no effort once you are set up, then Blogrush is an appealing opportunity. However you do need to have appealing headers for your posts. If you use wordpress then the MaxBlogPress website has a superb plug-in that lets you choose which posts to include, and allows you to give a different and shorter title to the post.

I will now live my life without Blogrush, I doubt it will kill me!

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