Weekly devotion – God’s presence


God’s presence can give you peace in any situation

There are certain people we draw strength from just by being around them. Their very presence and approach to life makes us feel better. Likewise, when we need to be lifted and strengthened, we must spend time with God. Spending time in His presence is like sitting in a room filled with beautiful perfume. If we sit there long enough, we take the fragrance with us when we leave; it is in our clothing, our hair, even our very skin.

Moses was a man of prayer. He spent a great deal of time in fellowship and talking with God. He knew that without God’s presence he was not worth two cents. Can you imagine being responsible for the daily care of two million people; for getting them out of one country and into another – on foot! It is a mind-boggling task! And, if that was not bad enough, most of them spent their time complaining about their lot in life and finding fault with Moses. This was an ideal situation for losing your peace; yet God told Moses: ‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’

Did you get that? God’s presence can give you peace in any situation, including a difficult workplace or a home that is in constant upheaval. It can enable you to show love in the face of abuse and patience in the midst of stress; to bring positive change without a lot of words, and to end up feeling good about the way you handle things. So today, spend some time in God’s presence.

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  1. If you are in Christ, every burden is light…He carries me through so I can give “praise even in pain.”

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