Weekly devotion – Are you satisfied in what you are becoming?


Spend time with Him today

In the Bay of Naples there is a jellyfish that loves to swallow a certain snail. But the snail has a hard shell and the jellyfish cannot digest it. So the snail fastens itself to the inside of the jellyfish and slowly begins to eat away at it. By the time the snail is fully-grown, it has consumed the entire jellyfish. Understand this: a lot of the things we think we can handle, finish up consuming us – things like appetites, overwork, stress, greed, or simply the aimlessness of our lives; there is a real killer!

Fred Smith, author of Learning to Lead, once sent his friends a letter with three questions:
a) am I enjoying what I am doing?
b) am I happy with where I am going?
c) am I satisfied with what I am becoming?

One of his friends, a top Wall Street broker, called him back and said, ‘When I read the question, ‘Am I satisfied with what I am becoming?’ I said, ‘absolutely not!’ I am tired of grabbing the Wall Street Journal first thing every morning like it is my Bible. My life has no real meaning outside of my investments, so today I liquidated them all; I am quitting! Tomorrow I am beginning a new life and I want to thank you for giving me the courage to do it.’ Do not end your life feeling empty, having your insides eaten away by a quest for things that cannot satisfy. God has a wonderful plan for you. (See Jeremiah 29:11). Spend time with Him today and let Him tell you about it.

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