Spammed and reviewed all in one week

I’d like to start by apologising to anyone that came across posts on this site with adverts for ring tones. If you thought they looked like spam then you were correct, my website was hacked by some sneaky people.

Thankfully I caught it relatively quickly and am in the process of improving the security of the website. There haven’t been any more successful attacks in the last few days so I think my initial steps are working. The damage to the website was minimal and has been rectified, and as far as I can tell no-one clicked through to purchase the overpriced ringtones.

On a lighter note free Christian resources was recently reviewed by Frank Carr, who writes a blog called OpTempo. If you are interested in blogging then this site is worth checking out. He is also currently offering to do free reviews of websites so if you fancy having your website given the once over then pop over to his site and leave your details. I found it a really useful exercise and have implemented (or am about to implement) most of the suggested changes. It was a positive review and it is really good to get an impartial view from a third party.

One specific thing he mentioned was my posts about the names of Jesus, which have been sparse to say the least! This string of posts is back on the agenda so look out for more of those soon.

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