Weekly devotion – want to be a success?


He had confidence in God!

If you are serious about success, study the life of Nehemiah. Jerusalem lies in ruins; that is when he enters the picture. He rallies, organises and motivates the people. Fifty-two days later they wash off their trowels, stow their gear and walk away from a newly finished wall. How did he do it?

1) He had passion! He could not sleep at night for picturing the problem and seeing himself solving it (Nehemiah 1:3-4). That is what it takes!

2) He could motivate others! What good is your vision if you cannot involve others in it? (Nehemiah 4:17)

3) He had confidence in God! He may have doubted his own ability but he never doubted God’s. His book is full of prayers – silent ones, short ones, specific ones (Nehemiah 4:4)

4) He refused to give up! >From when he started mixing the mortar until he hung the last gate, his critics never let up. But he took it, sarcasm, suspicion, threats, you name it, nothing moved him (Nehemiah 6:11)

5) He was realistic! He had some workers building the wall while others stood guard against attack (Nehemiah 4:16). He acted without over-reacting; he was gracious but unbending. You may have your head in the heavenlies, but you have got to keep your feet on the ground

6) He had the discipline to finish the job! Successful people are finishers (see Nehemiah 6:15). When the job loses its luster they do not go somewhere else; they stay at it ‘in season and out.’

Still want to be a success? Incorporate these principles into your daily life.

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