Free Resurgence conference online and live!

resurgence conference

Abraham Piper from the Desiring God blog has highlighted that Resurgence will be offering this years conference live online. The Resurgence conference starts on Monday afternoon and runs for three days.

With John Piper, Mark Driscoll, C. J. Mahaney, Jim Gilmore, and Matt Chandler it promises to be a great conference!

2 thoughts on “Free Resurgence conference online and live!”

  1. i hope become some one special in the future so that i will be well know to other people and also tell other what the Good lord has done for me .Dear Staff i am from Ghana and also 25yrs of age and i know the word of God. i also like to be come a pastor/ a gospel sing .i will be happy if the staff can invite me to some of our church conference this year 2008,and i will be greatfull .

  2. Hi Enoch,

    It is fantastic to hear your desires to tell people about God and what he has done for you. I’m afraid in this instance I am not able to help support you financially and invite you to the UK for a conference, as I run this website in my spare time.

    You are in my prayers, Enoch. Thank you for reading my website.


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