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It has been a bad few weeks for free Christian resources!

This is just a quick post to let you know that free Christian resources is still alive and well (just about) despite a very quiet few weeks and a hacker ruining the site.

I had reduced my posting due to a preach I was preparing in the middle of May, and this coincided with a move of house. I did not anticipate the length of time it would take to get internet access up and running! So far it has been 15 days, and it is likely to take another 10 days at least. I will try to do some posts during this period but obviously activity will be reduced.

This was compounded by the fact that free Christian resources was seriously hacked the day I moved house! The timing was obviously terrible as it took me a few days to notice and then I was unable to do anything about it with no internet access. Thankfully my hosting company was able to upload a backup so that we are now back on-line.

I apologise to anyone who visited the site in the interim, and for the lower level of posts. Rest assured though the website will be back to normal soon. What a stressful few weeks!

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