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The Newfrontiers‘ Together on a Mission 2008 conference starts today in Brighton, UK. Together on a Mission is an annual gathering of 5000 delegates from 50 nations for inspiring teaching, worship and ministry. As a part of a Newfrontiers church I have been to a few of these conferences in the past and they always offer superb teaching.

The best way to keep up to date with the talks is to subscribe to the podcast. You can also listen to the talks from previous years at the main Newfrontiers website.

Newfrontiers says the ethos for the conference is as follows:

Underlying the conference is the commission of Jesus to go into all the world with the gospel in the power of Jesus Christ.
1. We are called to mission in our generation.
2. We believe we have been called to preach the word of God faithfully.
3. We are called to be people of the Spirit of God and seek to give room for His leading at all times and to experience His refreshing power.

Adrian Warnock, a popular Christian blogger who attends the Newfrontiers church in Enfield, will be live-blogging from the Together on a Mission conference if you are desperate for instant news! Adrian Warnock writes really good posts on his blog so I’m sure you will get a good synopsis of the talks from him.

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  1. Dear sir,
    greeting in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus.

    I’m very much happy to write you for any other christian conferences that may unfold again.
    I wish that you send me mail for any possible highligthment on christian conferences.

  2. Hello Christopher,

    I will certainly be writing about other Christian conferences in the future – I think its exciting that we can all benefit from these Christian conferences with advances in technology.

    The best way to keep up to date with any content added to free Christian resources is to sign up for the free weekly newsletter. This will send an email each week showing the new articles that have been written.

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