Mars Hill Parenting Conference

mars-hill.jpgThe Resurgence website has recently posted the Mars Hill “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” parenting Conference onto their website.

The conference was led by Dr Tripp who said the following about parenting:

“Parents tend to focus on the externals of behavior rather than the internal overflow of the heart. We tend to worry more about the “what” of behavior than the “why.” Accordingly, most of us spend an enormous amount of energy in controlling and constraining behavior. To the degree and extent to which our focus is on behavior, we miss the heart.”

I am really excited to start working through this series, although I’m currently going through Mars Hill’s Song of Songs series with my wife Lily so it will have to wait until after then! Thanks to Zach Nielson for highlighting this update to the Resurgence website.

Here is a list of the main resources that you can access:

Session 1: The Call to Formative Instruction

Session 2: Giving Kids a Vision for God’s Glory

Session 3: Helping Kids Understand Authority

  • Session 4: Helping Kids Understand the Heart

    Session 5: Overview of Corrective Discipline

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