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Free Kaboose mp3 – Goin’ Outta Control

Kaboose mp3 - Goin

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Goin’ Outta Control
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Fuse TV

This free song is courtesy of Fuse TV, and is written by Kaboose. This is the second hip hop song posted recently, after RedCloud. Goin’ Outta Control has quotes from Matthew and other lines than make it a strong Christian song that speaks out against the materialistic world we live in.

Kaboose says:

“My vision for music is to bring a message of hope to people who are blinded from the world. There is a power in music that can fill a person’s heart with joy, but music also has the power to fill a person’s heart with hate and rage. The biggest difference is in the message. Today, there are too many pointless lyrics in hip hop with a hostile message affecting the listener and their perception of themselves and the world.”

Download the song here:

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