free Christian iPhone applications

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch then there are plenty of great Christian applications and websites that you may be interested in.

The iPhone and iPod Touch resources have been split into five sections to make it easier to find exactly what you are after. You can find the best iPhone and iPod Touch Christian applications by browsing the menu on the right or clicking on the headings of the various sections below.

(1) Bible applications

The bible application section includes any applications that you download from the iTunes store that you can use for bible study purposes. These really unlock the power of the iPhone and iPod Touch, with many allowing you to read bibles offline even when there is no wifi or 3G signal.

(2) Other applications

This section includes any other Christian iPhone and iPod Touch applications that you can download for free from the iTunes store.

(3) Bible websites

The bible websites page reviews the best bible study options from websites that have been specifically set up for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You will need to be connected to the internet to be able to use these, but then tend have more translations available than the bible applications.

This section includes the popular posts, “The best iPhone bible for you” and “The definitive guide to free iPhone bibles”.

(4) Other websites

The last main section has any other Christian websites designed for the iPhone that do not relate to bible study.

(5) New iPhone and iPod Touch content

This section is handy to see the latest iPhone and iPod Touch reviews here at free Christian resources.

Other great iPhone applications

Finally, there are some great iPhone applications that are not strictly Christian, but are bound to help you make the most of both your iPhone and other Christian websites. These are mentioned on this iPhone application post.

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