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You can find more great iPhone and iPod Touch content at the main iPhone page, including free bibles that can be downloaded from the iTunes store and work offline.

iphone phonesOnce you get hold of your exciting new iPhone one of the first things you’ll want to do is find a good quality bible that you can view on it. Back in October and soon after the launch I produced a definitive post of all the free iPhone bible options available. But which iPhone bible is the best for you?

Three months on from the guide to 11 free iPhone bibles, and now several months after the launch of the iPhone. Here are the best bible choices for your iPhone!

the best overall choice: iBibleSpace

ibiblespace imageiBibleSpace still stands tall as the best iPhone bible offering available free. Firstly it provides the great ESV translation of the bible, including footnotes. As you can see from the image on the left, it looks superb and is perfectly at home on the iPhone.

You can create your own personal notebook to highlight or attach notes to any verse and you easily search the bible by choosing a specific book or use the search feature. They have also thrown in a verse of the day and Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening daily devotional.

If you have to choose one iPhone bible, choose this one!

the next best overall choice: is newer than iBibleSpace but is improving in leaps and bounds. As with iBibleSpace it has a great design which fits nicely with the iPhone’s style. It also includes the ESV, ASV and Chinese Union Version, with further translations likely to be added. It is very easy to select the verse you want or search for words too.

iBibleZ is also undergoing continual improvements, so it is worth checking it out now to see what I have missed! Indeed, I would not be surprised if jumps to the top of this list soon.

the best for multiple translations: 3onesix

My goodness the 3onesix iPhone bible has more translations than you could dream of! As well as Italian and Spanish bible translations it also includes the NIV. Here is the complete list:

  • NIV: New International Version
  • TNIV: Today’s New International Version
  • KJV: King James Version
  • NKJV: New King James Version
  • NCV: New Century Version
  • NASB: New American Standard Bible
  • ItalRV: Italian Revised Version
  • ESV: English Standard Version
  • SpaRV: Spanish Reina-Valera Antigua
  • HCSB: Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • MSG: The Message

The best for study: The NET bible

Obviously the iPhone is not exactly designed for in depth bible study! However, if you need some further background on a verse then The NET bible is the best iPhone bible. It has the study notes for the NET bible built in, and is particularly good for giving the original meaning of translated words.

other iPhone bible choices?

If you are not 100% happy with those iPhone bibles, then there are plenty more options as discussed further in ‘the best 11 iPhone bibles’ post.

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  1. Hi Hugo,

    You can use the 3onesix iPhone bible to read Spanish Reina-Valera Antigua (SpaRV) at:

    The default translation is the NIV.

    Based on the instructions I have you would have to type “SpaRV:Mark 2″to search for chapter 2 of Mark. This is obviously rather cumbersome. I t may be worth checking if there is a way on 3onesix of setting a default translation?

    Thanks for visiting – let me know if this works, if not I’ll try to find a better option!

  2. Thanks for the resources but I need a bible that I can download to the iphone as internet access is sometimes unavailable. Are there any free ones and if not could you diretme to the best place to purchase? I am looking for 3 versions, esv, niv and nkjv.

  3. There are now two versions of Touch Bible (app) on iTunes. One free version and one enhanced version for $14.99. The links are on I hope they are a benefit to you all.

  4. Hallo,

    I am in need of 2 copy of free kjv bible an 2 iphone bible i wli be glad if u send post to me: Po Box 53, Grootfontein, Namibia

  5. Can you please make an arabic bible for iphone, a lots of moslems people like to read it with out any one know about them, so i will be thankfull for you if you can do it. here is an website that has the bible you can use for doing it,
    be blessed

  6. check out the new iphone app Living Word in app store. Click the link below:


  7. I have a iPod touch4 – I am not always near the Internet and would like to get a fully downloadable bible that I can listen to. Various translations other than KJV. Thank you!

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  9. I need tagalog bible for free so i can understand the meaning of the bible well thank you for your kindness…

  10. I didn’t see anyone else report it on your website. I clicked on The NET bible and it redirects to an offensive pornographic website. Thank you.

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