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free bible study with logos
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A very powerful bible study package that offers a free basic version on you pc, mac, mobile device or online.


You can undertake free bible study with Logos Bible software. It is a very powerful bible study tool, and you can get the free basic download which also includes some books. Furthermore, you can also get one free book every month. So slowly you can start to build up a collection. Logos bible software is run by Faithlife, who also provide a free book every month for download.

I’d highly recommend trying logos out. I actually use it myself having invested in the platform over the last decade to build up my library, but you can get the more basic version free.

The good things about trying free bible study with logos bible software

free bible study word search
free bible study word search
  1. It is a very powerful bit of software. The free version will help you study Greek or Hebrew words, and also includes some dictionaries that can help you understand topics. Just click on a word and you can easily access linked resources.
  2. You can build up notes and highlights across any books. This is very helpful in helping you keep track of what you are studying. You can also group things together so you don’t have to see all of your highlights, but could for instance focus just on your highlights for Christian living.
  3. You can use logos on lots of different computers, and they will all synchronise together. The main software can be download on your PC or Mac, and there are also version you can use on your iPhone, iPad, android device or kindle reader. On the mobile devices you need to select which resources you want to download (so it won’t clog up all of your space!), but on the PC and Mac everything will download. You can also access logos through the internet.
  4. Everything is linked. Logos bible software makes it very easy to find other instances of a word simply by clicking on it. You can click on the image to right to expand it and see an example of clicking on the word astonished.
  5. As I mentioned at the start, every month you can also get one free Christian book.

The added bonus of free personal books

As well as the software and free books you receive, you can also unlock many more books by adding your own free personal books. This is a very powerful way to add your own books or studies right into the software.

But even better than that, you can upload other books that people have made available for free. There is a large list of available books here. You will find many great classic books here, these are all legal as they are not currently under copyright.

The not so good things about logos bible software

  1. Logos is not for everyone. As I mention, I use logos and have invested money in building up my collection. However logos, particularly for the PC and Mac, is not the easiest of programmes to use. If you want a really simple tool, then you may find logos a bit too much. The iOS and android apps are more easy to use. Of course as it is free, there is nothing to stop you trying it out and then ditching it if you don’t find it is helping your study time.
  2. Secondly, the only bibles in the basic version are the Lexham English Bible and the KJV. If you want any other versions you will have to pay extra money to receive them.

Some of the key resources available to help your free bible study with logos

  • Lexham English Bible (LEB)
  • The Holy Bible: King James Version (KJV)
  • Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
  • Lexham Bible Dictionary
  • The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! Our God is awe-inspiring! How can we get some Bibles on here for the Venezuelans?

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