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Strongs Search
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Search for strong reference numbers on your iPhone and access Blue Letter Bible’s Lexicon

strongs-search.jpgStrongs Search allows you to search for words or Strong Reference numbers on your iPhone. You can do this by navigating through menus to a specific verse, by searching a word, or by entering any Strong reference. If you search for a specific verse you can then just click on the word and will bring up all of the verses in the bible with that word. Of course, the translation is the King James Version as this is the translation that Strong numbers are based on.

The crowning glory of this application though is achieved by linking the strong reference numbers and words to Blue Letter Bible’s superb lexicon. This is great because whilst many Christians carry bibles around with them, not many have space for a dictionary as well. Never again will you be left reading your bible on the bus wondering exactly what a certain word means!

This iPhone website presents the results very clearly considering the size of the screen. Of course if you search for a word like ‘love’ you will get tons of responses but that goes with the territory of this type of website.

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