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Free Downhere mp3 – My Last Amen

Free Downhere mp3 - My Last Amen

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My Last Amen
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This Christian Downhere song is provided free by Jesus Freak Hideout. I highly recommend this Christian song, it is dangerously catchy and has me tapping my feet right now! If you think a lot of modern Christian songs sound the same, then have a listen to this Downhere song and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Here is a quote from Jason Germain on their new album:

“…the title does reflect the idea of coming to the end of yourself, of letting what you can’t change be and letting God make His strength known in our weakness. Those things that we all experience, things that don’t seem to run true, He often uses to achieve His ultimate aims for us. God uses us in our weakness. He is closest to us when we most need him. We want to capture that idea in the work we’re doing now, so Ending Is Beginning in many ways reflects of where we are as a band.”

Here is an interesting YouTube clip from Downhere:

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