free Fiction Family mp3 – When She’s Near

Fiction Family mp3 - When Shes Near

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Fiction Family
When She’s Near
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This Christian Fiction Family song is provided free by Jesus Freak Hideout. You may not have heard of Fiction Family but you are more likely to know its members. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek are the main musicians of Fiction Family, and they wrote all of the songs for the new album.

I love this song, it is a mixture of Switchfoot and Nickel Creek (as you would expect!) and has been written over a long period of time due to the heavy touring both bands have. Rather than hear me though, here is a YouTube video of Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins explaining it themselves.

If the download link above doesn’t work you can try the Fiction Family website too as they are currently featuring it.

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