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3 free Christian songs and 1 free video if you’re quick!

For this week only iTickets and VideoRocket between them are providing the following three great Christian songs and 1 superb Christian video. You will need to visit their sites before next Tuesday to get the songs mentioned here, but if you are late they will have something else available then anyway.

The three free songs are provided by iTickets are:

Bluetree “Each Day”
Joy Whitlock “Not through with you”
I Am Terrified “To the service”


The free video is provided by VideoRocket, and is “To the service” by I Am Terrified

Here is a little summary of the three offerings:
“Each Day” comes from their debut album God of this City. They are already well known for their song that the album is named after which has already been covered by Chris Tomlin and Passion. Not a bad stamp of approval!

Joy Whitlock
iTickets say that Joy Whitlock sounds like Kendall Payne and K.T. Tunstall, but of course with her Christian lyrics she beats them!

I Am Terrified
If you don’t like frantic loud music then steer clear of I am Terrified, but if you do you’re in for a treat…

Get the free Christian songs here
Get the free Christian video here

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