Free Easter movie from Resurgence

Free easter movie
Note: The film is very graphic and not recommended for children under ten years of age. Please prayerfully consider checking in young children to a children’s ministry during the time you intend to show the video.

Resurgence are providing a free 30 minute Easter video that you can download either to watch yourself, or as a church. You have to fill in some details before you can download it, but this only takes 2 minutes. The video can be downloaded in normal or high definition. You can also visit the website to view a preview, or stream it online once you are signed in. I’ve not watched the whole film yet, but you can see from the preview it is a very high quality production.

The Cross

Before we celebrate the risen Jesus Christ on Easter, we come together as a church to remember his bloody, sacrificial death on the cross on Good Friday. “Good Friday” is a riveting short film, depicting of the final hours of Jesus’ life, and is shown at Mars Hill Church services for that remembrance.

This month, we’re releasing the 30-minute movie for the first time online as a free download for churches that wish to use it in their Good Friday services. It is our prayer that it would be beneficial for pastors and congregations all over the world as we Christians prepare our hearts in a funeral-like fashion to remember our Jesus’ death.

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