frequently asked questions

This page includes answers to the most regularly asked questions.

Please send me books, bibles, cds…

Unfortunately I do not have the financial backing to be able to provide and post free copies of any Christian resources. The focus of free Christian resources is to highlight other organisations and websites that produce and provide free Christian resources. For free bibles check out all of the resources on the free bible pages, for free books check out the free books page, and for free music check out the free songs or free music page.

What is your classification of free?

The classification of free used at free Christian resources is that no money will have to be paid. There may be some resources which to use them or access them you need to leave you details or provide a link to the website providing the resource (e.g. when using clip art). These types of resources will still be included and classified as free.

Websites that have a premium paid-for product and a selection of free resources will only be included when the free content is substantial enough to warrant it. However, even if the aim of the free resources is to entice you to sign up, this would not preclude that website.

Any websites that require you to provide credit card details or similar will not be included, even if it is possible to get refunds or 100% money back guarantees.

What is so wrong with people charging for what they have produced?

Nothing at all! I have no qualms with people charging for music, books or whatever they may have produced (unless they are profiting from the gospel). This website though is focused on those people or organisations that provide some or all of their resources free.

100% legal, please read the next couple of comments.

As a Christian I am not willing to put anything on this website that may lead to people stealing products by breaching copyrights and so on. Therefore the only free music included on this website will invariable have been provided either by:

  • the artist directly (i.e. they have it on their website)
  • the artists distributor. Often distributors give away a free song from an album to help stimulate sales.

It is important to read the small print at any websites providing free songs. Invariably they will be for personal use only and cannot then be copied for other people or played in public.

Most of the books highlighted at free Christian resources will be old classics that no longer have copyright protection and are now in the public domain.

Some books are also simply provided free, like many of those at John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries. If the books are still under copyright it is likely they are only provided for personal use to check the small print.