Recommended Christian blog – Light along the Journey

The dubious honour of being my first recommended Christian blog goes to John Hollandsworth’s ‘Light along the Journey’

Spiritual growth resources for walking with Christ

This is a brilliantly written blog. It is thought provoking, and is really focused on transforming peoples lives through bringing them closer to Jesus. There are quite a few book reviews, but the meat of the site is John’s mini-studies. At the moment he is running through John Piper’s book Future Grace and adding his own reflections. These articles are always biblically sound, written in a clear and accessible way, and also often very challenging.

The posts are almost perfect in size. Not so short that they are throw away comments, but not so long that you need to schedule a time in your day to read it! This is helped by the crisp design and layout.

If you’re looking for some high quality posts that won’t clog up your rss reader with idle chatter, then check out this blog.



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