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free Deluge song – Dear Jesus

Deluge Dear Jesus

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Dear Jesus
Download | Deluge website | Integrity Direct

This free song is courtesy of Integrity Direct, and is written by Deluge. Deluge come from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and are part of the Bethany World Prayer Centre Church. Deluge have a wide variety of music from this relatively slow song to others that are exceptionally energetic (just look at the YouTube video below)! This is a simple but powerful song that is well worth listening to, from a band that look like they will keep their worship music fresh by trying new things.

The lead vocalist and songwriter, Jonathon Stockstill has already featured here featured at free Christian resources with the Bethany recording, Let The Church Rise.

To access this great free song you need to download the zip file and then open it to get the mp3.

Here are some of the lyrics from Deluge’s song:

Oh how I love you x3
I will give my life to you

Also, here is a YouTube clip that Deluge had showing on their MySpace website (where you can hear another four of their songs). The free song Dear Jesus is not quite so energetic!


Download the song from here:

Deluge’s website:

Deluge’s myspace website:

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  1. I received your CD from Integrity and It is an awesome CD. God has truly blessed your band to make such beautiful music. i will be sharing.


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