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free Jonathan Steingard mp3 – Atlantis EP

Jonathan Steingard mp3 - Atlantis EP

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Jonathan Steingard
Atlantis EP (3 songs)
Download the song here | Jonathan Steingard website | Jonathan Steingard myspace| Jonathan Steingard YouTube

These free songs are both written and provided by Jonathan Steingard who lives in Nashville. There are three fantastic songs generously provided, and they will be included in his upcoming album Under the Canopy. I highly recommend downloading these songs as they are superb. They are not quite worship songs but are really uplifting and have strong lyrics.

The three Jonathan Steingard songs included are:

  • The Siege of Atlantis
  • You Always You
  • Heart Set

Here are some lyrics from the song Heart Set (the lyrics are all included in the mp3)

When did I grow too old?
When did I learn too much?
When did I start to trust only what I can see and touch?
You never turned away not even when I’d fight
You never waited for me to get it right

Download the song here:

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