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Free Christian Hip Hop Album – Channel’s Rocky

Free Channel Lost Traveller

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Download | Channel website | Channel myspace| KM Records/Red Ink Army

KM Records are providing a whole free Christian album called Rocky by Channel. Please note this is intented to be free only for those who can’t afford to buy it, otherwise you can buy it or make a donation at the main website. You can listen to it all before you download it too, or check out the YouTube videos below.

Channel is part of the Red Ink Movement, and the lyrics are really strong and edifying. You can find out more about the Red Ink Movement here, but this is their mission:

We are committed to creating media geared toward making disciples and developing leaders to engage the culture right in their respective neighborhoods and communities.

I think this is what makes the album so good – the end goal is not just good music, but making disciples and leaders.

To get the download click on the ‘Free Download’ link on the album page, and you will be emailed a download link. The album is available in a variety of formats including mp3.

2 thoughts on “Free Christian Hip Hop Album – Channel’s Rocky”

  1. Forget about it. Christian rap is sooo much better than secular rap. I’ve been a fan for a while. It has a sick beat and amazing lyrics. Lil Wayne can’t rap without cussin or talkin about vileness for his life. When u look at it, look at the main heads of each group: Lecrae vs Lil Wayne, Lecrae explains that the love of money is WRONG which was exactly what Jesus said. Wayne…just wants the benjamins. Tedashii vs Young Jeezy, Tedashii says that we should be rebels for Christ and do wats right. Jeezy just wants to be a thug. Trip Lee vs Eminem, Trip says that we should not be afraid to rep Christ and stand out and set an example. Eminem is foul, and has nothing positive to say. He talks VERY disrespectfully.When it all comes down…who’s right? I know in my heart that Christians are right(i proudly am one). The music has awsum lyrics and a tight beat.

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