Free song by Bob Kauflin for those with disabilities

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Free song by Bob Kauflin for those with disabilities

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Bob Kauflin
Within the womb I formed you
Download | Worship Matter


Worship Matters are providing a free mp3 download of Bob Kauflin’s song which was sung to with prophetic words to those of us with disabilites..

The lyrics are posted at the Worship Matters blog, and they are beautiful. Many of the comments show this song has deeply encouraged them. As with all of the best worship songs it does this by helping us focus on God and His work, and where we stand in that.

Thanks Bob for the song!

2 thoughts on “Free song by Bob Kauflin for those with disabilities”

  1. Wow! This song hit home with me because I am disabled with bipolar. Bottom line. I feel it has ruined my life. This song gave me inspiration!

  2. I have an 11-yr old daughter who has autism and this song is truly amazing…my Bea’s rainbow of hope!!!

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