free Christian resources

There are so many Christian resources available on the internet that sometimes it can be difficult to find the best ones. This is where free Christian resources can help!

The main sections of free Christian resources are explained below. You can navigate by using ‘the best free resources’ menu on the far left of the screen, or the navigation bar at the top of this box. Alternatively you can use the search box to find any other item.

Any new additions to free Christian resources can be read at the blog, or you can look through the archives to browse more specific areas.


free Christian apologeticsApologetics is the defense of Christianity whether it be scientifically, biblically, philosophically, historically or some other form. If you have any questions about Christianity then look here!

Bible Study

free Christian bible studyThis includes both downloadable software online content. Many bible translations and commentaries are available free..


free Christian booksThere is a rich source of classic Christian literature no longer under copyright. Some modern books are also available free!

Clip art

free Christian clip artFinding high quality free Christian images can be difficult. This clip-art section helps you find the best Christian clip art, wallpaper, graphics and more….


free Christian devotionsThis includes both classic and modern daily devotions. Whether you want the devotion emailed, by RSS, on a website or available for download you’ll find something here!


free Christian musicThis includes both websites that provide free Christian music, and also those that provide help to worship bands or artists. Also look at the ‘free songs’ section for great free songs!


free Christian sermonsThsi shows the best places to find sermons online, whether in mp3, video or text format.


free Christian website resourcesThis section has all the stuff you may need or want for your Christian websites or blogs.

Other stuff

If you can’t find what you are after in the sections above then why not search the website by using the search box below. Simply click on the ‘this website’ option and type in what you want to find!

There is also the other page which includes iPhone stuff and Christian websites for Children.