Free Christian children handouts for evangelism

Christ Art logoChrist Art has recently published some ready to print hand-outs that they say are “great for Sunday school, street evangelism, stuffing fun bags or as coloring sheets”. All you have to do to is become a member which is free, or a supporting member which is $3 per month.

The 209 handouts cover a wide selection of sixteen areas, including:

  • How to be saved
  • Testimony
  • Creationism
  • Bible Stories

I agree that these would be particularly good for Sunday Schools, as well as Kids Clubs and other youth outreach events. If you are interested in other content on the Christ Art site then check out my review.

Here are a few examples (click on the image to see the full size).



7 thoughts on “Free Christian children handouts for evangelism”

  1. Dear sir,
    We greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truely the perishing duty demands it.
    Jehovah Nissi Evangelism Group seeks for your help. You can help us by sending us Bibles, Gospel tracks, Evangelism Vidoes and anything that can help us TELL THE WORLD THAT JESUS LIVES.
    We appreciate your support. Our address is
    Jehovah Nissi Evangelism Group, TA 20,Accra
    God richly Bless you all.

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    We have just opened a Pregnancy Crisis Center, We are also in the process of starting an ministry for the youth in our area. My husband is the founder of Shalam Ministries, which is a Ministry aimed at bringing lost to God through unconditional love and support. teaching the word of God , and breaking down denominational walls. As there is only one Heaven, for all of Gods children to share, we feel it’s time to start working together, for his good, instead of thinking that my religion, or your religion is better than someone else’s. Are we not reading the same Bible , hearing the same words, all children of the same father? We are setting up a Library for the Crisis Center, anything that you would be willing to send us would be greatly appreciated. At this time , we have a very limited selection, with just a few Bibles, and books. Also, anything that could be passed out or used for ministering to the youth at the community.

    Please remember us in your prayers , as we go forth in Gods work
    Thank you in advance, we appreciate any support that you can give.

    Victoria S Davis
    First Breath of Life Pregnancy Crisis Center
    223 Waterloo St.
    Lawrenceburg, Tn 38464
    931 762-BABY (2229)

  3. Hello Francis and Vickie,

    Unfortunately I cannot provide any free books as I only operate this website (and have no incoming resources apart from those to support my family and local church!). However I am constantly on the look for charities or organisations that can help groups such as yourselves. I suggest you contact Rhema and see if they can help you. There is a link below to a review I wrote about them:

  4. Hi,
    I really found your blog to be really excellent and it really give me some knowledge. will definitely recommend your site to my friends. definitely bookmarking this site. Keep up the good work! hope to see more of this!

  5. dear brother,
    I am very thankful to You for Your services. We are serving God in between poor children and young people in our area. we are lack of Gospel literature and other gospel preaching materials. if possible please send any literature to the following address.
    D.No. 3-62/2,

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