Free 2009 Christian Calendar

free Christian calendarIf you are about to start looking for a calendar for 2009 then look no further! I’ve created a 2009 Christian calendar that you can download for free. Each month has a high quality picture and a bible verse. There is also space for you to write your diary entries. You are free to distribute and print the calendar as many times as you like.

The calendar is in a PDF format and was created in iPhoto. Simply follow the steps below to print out your free Christian calendar for 2009.

1) Download the free Christian Calendar
To save space I’ve zipped the file. If you have a PC right click here with your mouse and select “Save target as…” . If you have a Mac then right click or hold [ctrl] and click here and choose “Save link as…” from the menu.

free Christian calendar2) Print the free Christian Calendar
You have a couple of choices here. If you like life to be easy you could pay a printer to print it off professionally. Obviously this isn’t free but you may get a better output depending on how good your printer is.

The alternative is to print it out yourself. You could just print it out on normal paper if you need to save costs. For best results though use proper photo paper and put the pictures on the glossy side (apart from the cover page).

3) Make the free Christian calendar

Create a hole single hole punch in the middle of all the top of each of the pictures. You’ll use this hole to hang it up. Then you just need to attach all of the pages together either by using a spindle or some other method. You should be able to get a good idea by looking at the pictures in this post.

Most of the pictures for the calendar have come from Flickr. These have been provided free of charge and legally by whoever took the pictures. The links to all of the pictures are given on the calendar on the relevant page.

6 thoughts on “Free 2009 Christian Calendar”

  1. I SIN?

    One time
    I asked myself:
    – Did I sin?
    It answered me:
    – I don’t now.

    After I asked:

    The mountain,
    the sea,
    the wind.

    The mountain was serious,
    didn’t speak,
    the sea knock
    the waves,
    the wind didn’t listen my voice.

    After I asked:

    The grass,
    the argent,
    the bee.

    The grass spoked like whiner,
    somebody whipped it,
    the argent shined and,
    started to lie,
    the bee was going,
    – don’t ask me
    and started running.

    I asked and the stars,
    the sun,
    the moon.
    But they answered me
    to ask my mother.

    My mother kissed me with love
    saying :

    – Only God knows.

    The future belongs to those who
    prearrange it – by ELANKO



  2. Mëkatova?

    Një herë pyeta vetveten:
    – Mëkatova? Ajo m’u përgjigj:
    – Nuk e di.
    Pastaj pyeta: Malin, detin, erën.

    Mali rrinte serioz, nuk fliste,
    deti dallgët fort përplaste,
    era zërin tim s’e qaste.
    Më pas pyeta :
    Bari qaraman
    s’më fliste, dikush e godiste,
    ari po shkëlqente, nisi të gënjente,
    bleta u largua. – Mos më pyet mua
    Pastaj u largua.

    Pyeta edhe yjet, diellin, hënën.
    Por, ata më thanë të pyesja nënën.
    më puthi me dashuri
    duke më thënë:
    Vetëm Zoti e di.

    E ardhmja i përket atyre
    që e parapërgatisin atë – by ELANKO




    Μια φορά
    ρώτησα τον εαυτό μου:
    – Αμάρτησα;
    Μου απάντησε:
    – Δεν ξέρω.

    Μετά ρώτησα

    το βουνό,
    τη θάλασσα,
    τον αέρα.

    Το βουνό ήταν σοβαρό,
    δεν μιλούσε,
    η θάλασσα λυσσομανούσε,
    ο αέρας δεν άκουγε
    την φωνή μου.

    Μετά ρώτησα

    το χορτάρι,
    τον χρυσό,
    τη μέλισσα.

    Το χορτάρι μιλούσε κλαίγοντας,
    κάποιος το πατούσε,
    ο χρυσός άρχισε να ψεύδεται
    η μέλισσα απομακρύνθηκε:
    – Μη ρωτάς εμένα,
    έχω δουλειά.

    Μετά ρώτησα
    Τ’ αστέρια,
    τον ήλιο,
    το φεγγάρι,
    κι’ αυτά μου είπαν:
    – Ρώτα τη μάνα σου.

    Η μανά με φίλησε με αγάπη
    – Μόνο ο Θεός ξέρει.

    Το μέλλον ανήκει σε αυτούς
    που το προετοιμάζουν – by ELANKO



  4. Είσθε ο πόλος έλξεως, που έλκει τους ανθρώπους,
    να ζουν σε Θεία διάσταση, μ’ ευλογημένους τρόπους!
    -Γλυκούς καρπούς του πνεύματος, όλ’ οι πιστοί βιώνουν,
    νοιώθουν μια άρρητη χαρά, κι’ όλα τα διορθώνουν!

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