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Free Mars Hill music – Sons of Thunder

Free Mars Hill music - Sons of Thunder

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Sons of Thunder
7 songs(and counting!)
Download Page | Mars Hill

This collection of free Christian songs are from Sons of Thunder, who are a worship band at Mars Hill. With 7 songs available from Sons of Thunder if you like their music there is plenty for you to download free. You can keep up to date with any new entries at the Sons of Thunder audio feed. Sons of Thunder are bit more poppy and quirky than the other Mars Hill bands, and have a female vocalist.

All of the songs are easy to download, and you can even embed them into your own websites by using the code provided at the download page (see the links above). Below is He Speaks, one of the 7 songs currently provided for free download.

Here are three of the Christian songs currently available for download:

  • Come Thou Fount
  • He Speaks
  • Praise to the Lord

Mars Hill reserves some rights under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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