free Christian resources is back!


I used to post on this blog regularly, but then, primarily due to excessive work requirements I ran out of time. That was around 6 years ago but now I’m back and committed to bringing some great free Christian resources back to you all!

In the meantime this website has withered on the vine due to lack of updates. Server updates I made to keep my wife’s website running (that is for her business!) meant the site was completely down for several months. And many of the links are no longer valid. I’m now in the process of trying to sort this out – but please if you find a link that doesn’t give what you expect please let me know.

I’ll be working on the design slowly over the next few months too.

I’m really excited to be back posting again. I’m sure some amazing new resources have come available in the last few years that will help edify us, and bring the kingdom of God to the world!

And please – if you know of any good free Christian resources please let me know!

I had to have something free for this post, so the image for this post is free from pixabay by pumukel.

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