YouVersion adds NIV translation and more

YouVersion logoYouVersion is continuing to add more improvements to their bible study tool. It is still in the BETA stage but is becoming more and more functional and powerful. Perhaps the most important change is the addition of the NIV translation. This is so widely used I think it is important for any bible tool to have this included.

The two features that stand out for me are the addition of privacy and RSS feeds. Whilst the whole premise of YouVersion is on sharing resources and studies – I think the privacy option is a great extra level for those rough notes or for studies you don’t want to be shared. The RSS feed option (described further below) will also help to save time when following conversations and subject areas.

YouVersion summarize the changes to their free online bible study tool as follows:

Search results are now expanded to include Community Results as well as Scripture, so you can see who is talking about the topic you’re interested in!

You can now subscribe via RSS to recent contribution feeds. Be the first to know when someone has added content! Even more specifically, if you like what a particular user is contributing, you can also subscribe to his or her RSS contribution feed and be notified when that user publishes new content.

Invite a Friend
We’ve also made it easier for you to spread the YouVersion love! You can invite your friends to check out YouVersion by easily importing your address book.

Follow Someone
Following your friends is now all the rage in social networking. Did you know YouVersion has a similar feature? If you find someone you think is interesting on YouVersion, simply follow them. You’ll be able to easily access their public contributions, see their tags and starred verses.

Private Contributions
If you’d rather keep your contributions for your eyes only, you can now mark them as private.

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