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Free Spurgeon audiobook – All of Grace

Christian audio logoThis month’s free audiobook from Christian Audio is All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon. After this month the link on this post will change to a new audiobook so be quick if you want this one.

Spurgeon’s All of Grace has been offered free before by Christian Audio but has been provided again as it offers a great introduction to those looking at the gospel message, or Christians who are longing to revive their confidence in God’s grace.

If you are too late to get the free download or would prefer to read it online, you can also read it free at the Spurgeon Archives.

Here is a small extract from the first chapter

I heard a story; I think it came from the North Country: A minister called upon a poor woman, intending to give her help; for he knew that she was very poor. With his money in his hand, he knocked at the door; but she did not answer. He concluded she was not at home, and went his way. A little after he met her at the church, and told her that he had remembered her need: “I called at your house, and knocked several times, and I suppose you were not at home, for I had no answer.” “At what hour did you call, sir?” “It was about noon.” “Oh, dear,” she said, “I heard you, sir, and I am so sorry I did not answer; but I thought it was the man calling for the rent.” Many a poor woman knows what this meant. Now, it is my desire to be heard, and therefore I want to say that I am not calling for the rent; indeed, it is not the object of this book to ask anything of you, but to tell you that salvation is all of grace, which means, free, gratis, for nothing.

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