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Free Greek bible tool – ReGreek

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The Resurgence Greek Project
main website

A simple but powerful website for reading and understanding the original Greek text in the bible.


Ancient Greek Bible
Photo by J.Gresham

The Resurgence Greek Project is a great website if you want to dig deeper into the bible text and review the original Greek text. Whilst some other websites also allow this (such us the Blue Letter Bible) the advantage of is that it is very simple to use. The whole focus of the website is on reviewing the Greek text and words.

You can browse any given veres/s in the Greek bible (or other English texts should you so wish) and view the original text. Hovering over any Greek word brings up a brief summary of the meaning, whilst clicking on it brings up a more complete analysis of the word, whilst even showing in graphical format where else the word appears in the bible.

There are so many other parts to the Resurgence Greek Project including

  • A graphical analysis of the books by person, tense etc..
  • Verse for the day, in Greek
  • A Betacode converter
  • A concordance of all Greek words in the bible

Reviewing the original Greek text is not for everyone, but this website could well be useful if you are interested.

9 thoughts on “Free Greek bible tool – ReGreek”

  1. An free online interlinear Bible with Greek and Hebrew (with dictionaries) may be found at www.

    “Bringing the English speaking person to the Word of God.” – The PlowShare Mission.

    Concept for concept, Context for context, Word for word.™

  2. I have used the Blue Letter Bible resources, but there are enough missing words that interest me that I have started looking elsewhere for study help. I need a complete online study tool, because I can’t nurse my baby and try to use my Bible and Strong’s exhaustive concordance at the same time. Thanks for any help you can give!

  3. Hello! I really love to read your articles. I am visiting your blog, whenever I have free time.

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