Free online ESV study bible this month!

esv-study-bible.jpgIf you are interested in buying the new ESV study bible them you may well be interested to hear that for the rest of March you can access the whole of the study bible free online! Normally you only have access to the website if you own a hard copy of the ESV Study Bible.

It is an impressively presented online study bible and worth checking out even if it is only for one month.

Now… how much of it can I absorb in one month!

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  1. Hello
    I have a clip-art picture of the Altar of Burnt Offering which has copyright warning and your web address on it. I would like to use this picture in a public Bible study in the next fortnight. I am happy to pay for it. Would you please tell me how to go about paying for the picture or the copyright?
    Kind regards

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