ESV Bible Free on the Android (Beta Version)

esv-android.jpgI’ve had a lot of people asking about good bible software for the Android. Well, very soon the full version of the ESV bible application will be released on the Android!

In the meantime, you can still access a pre release version that does not have a full set of features, but this means you can be really helpful by spotting any last remaining bugs. The first full version is really close, so even now this application should help you read the bible.

This is their guidance to get the free Android bible

…the app is available now, for free, on the Android Market. (Note: At the time of this post, an Android phone search for “ESV” shows our app as the 3rd result. When searching with “ESV Bible” it is the second result.)

2 thoughts on “ESV Bible Free on the Android (Beta Version)”

  1. can you and a scrolling feature. a auto scrolling feature is great for someone who reads the bible while on the treadmill. thanks. BTW app is great

  2. hi my name is jayan joy is there a way to get free verssion of niv bible for my viewsonic viewpad 7 (android OS). can you send me link or some thing because i aint very good with computers or iternet.
    thank you

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