Free ESV samples and pew bibles for churches

This free offering from ESV is probably not much use for most of us as it is targeted toward churches, and also is only available in the US and Canada. However, if you do fit into those camps and are interested in learning more about the ESV Bible you can request a free ESV church kit or a sample pew Bible.

The ESV Church Kit contains:

  • Three Sample ESV Bibles
  • A Copy of Choosing a Bible by Leland Ryken
  • ESV Informational Brochures
  • ESV Study Bible Sampler
  • Current ESV Bible Catalog
  • ESV Pew Bible Order Form

You can learn more about the ESV translation here here. Obviously the overall intent is that some people will then go on to purchase pew bibles for their church – but this is a good no-cost no-risk way of seeing what the product is like before investing any money.

3 thoughts on “Free ESV samples and pew bibles for churches”

  1. Hi,
    I come to you as a brother in Christ that is needing help in our foreign ministries. We have begun our calling to send Bibles new or used to the poor in Africa. We are a very small church in Tampa, Fla. With a servants heart. If you can help in any way or direct us in the way we should go please respond.

    The General Assembly of Pentecostals In Tampa, Fla.

    Rev. Roger Mann

  2. Date: May3, 2013
    Dear brothers in Christ,

    Greetings in the name of our wonderful savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am A.Ravi, Gospel Preacher from India.

    I am extremely happy as I have come to know your great mission services by helping the Bibles to the hungry for God’s word. I am praying for you and your mission efforts for the cause of Lord God around the globe.

    This is the information and request for your kind consideration.

    So many people in my region are hungry and interesting to read the God’s word. But due to poverty and inconvenience of purchasing, they have been requesting me to help the Bibles. They are the mixed people like aged and young from Telugu language, but some can read and understand English.
    In this regard I am praying at Lord’s precious feet and requesting YOU SAINTS to help me as possible as many to distribute to the hungry and thirsty for God’s word. Thanking you and hoping to hear the good news from your kind consideration.

    Sincerely yours in the Lord’s service,


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