Free 9Marks journal on Reclaiming Dying Churches

Revitalize 9marks9Marks have recently published their journal on revitalizing dying churches. Often there can be so much focus on planting new churches that those that are struggling for whatever reason can slowly die.

If you are embarking on helping to revive a church then this would be a great journal to read, here is a summary of the contents.

A Story of Revitalization

  • The Reform of First Baptist Church of Durham
    By Andrew Davis
  • Why Revitalize

    • The Bible’s Burden for Church Revitalization
      By Bobby Jamieson
    • Why Revitalize?
      By Matt Schmucker
    • The Pros and Cons of Planting and Revitalizing
      By Michael McKinley
    • Be a Tortoise, not a Hare
      By Jeramie Rinne
    • A Roadmap for Church Reform
      By Greg Gilbert
    • What Makes a Church Reform Possible?
      By John Folmar
    • Five Factors that Brought Life to a Dying Church
      By J.D. Greear
    • Five Unexpected Lessons in Church Revitalization
      By Brian Croft
    • Pastors’ Forum: Do’s and Don’ts of Church Reform

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