Free devotional bible reading plan for children

David murrayMost of us are aware of devotional reading plans for adults, but reading through the whole bible in a year with your young children isn’t necessarily the best way to help them understand the word of God. The great news though is that David Murray is sharing the devotional readings he uses with his children. The overarching principles David uses are:

  1. Brevity
    Two sessions of 5 minutes a day is much better than none, so this is a do-able schedule
  2. Variety
    OT in the morning, NT in the evening
  3. Simplicity
    A few verses to read, one to write, and a question to answer for each session
  4. Accountability
  5. Unity

David Murray’s children read it themselves then they go over it together at the weekend, with him and his wife having already read the passages in their own devotions. I’m looking forward to doing this with my own kids, although they’re a little younger so I think we’ll just read them together, seeing as two of them can’t read ;)

If that feels too much for you in between getting kids ready for school and the business of life then he has also created a version that just has one verse reading a day.

There are a few options for getting hold of the devotional readings:

Here is an example of a couple of days:
Daily reading

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