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My Utmost for His Highest

my utmost for his highest free Christian devotion
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Based on Oswald Chambers’ teachings, this is certainly one of the best daily devotional books ever written. It can be accessed in several formats


This is perhaps one of the best known daily devotionals available, and one of the most purchased Christian books. With good reason too as it is so powerful, well written and is clearly inspired by God.

It was based on teachings given by Osward Chambers and was compiled by his wife Gertrude (who he called Biddy!) after his death in 1917. It is worth reading about them on wikipedia, as they were an amazing couple.

I seriously doubt that you would get bored if you read this every year for the rest of your life as it is so rich. It can be accessed on several sites via either RSS, email, or by simply clicking on the internet site. The two I give below are probably the best, if you click on the links you will view the page with today’s entry and then just follow the links to subscribe should you so wish.


A challenging book.


fCr rating:5 stars
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (13 votes)Loading...


  • Superbly written and timeless classic
  • Available in various formats


  • None


There are other sources of this daily devotional, but these are two of the best…

Website 1 (also for RSS feed):
Website 2 (also for email):

NB the RSS feed is not the easiest to find on the rbc website, so you can go directly here:

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