YouVersion – the future of online bible study?

YouVersion logoThere is an exciting new project being designed at the moment for bible study called YouVersion.

The first premise of YouVersion is that you can view different translations of the bible, make notes, bookmark passages and so on. Nothing too exciting there, you can do that with some bibles and a notepad! However, you can also add pictures, sermons, songs and YouTube videos and tag them on to specific verses.

Each of these factors still may not be ground breaking enough to get you out of bed though. What makes You Version look like it will shine is that it operates in much the same way as many social bookmarking sites. You will also be able to view other peoples thoughts and suggestions – or at least those you wish to. All of these features are better explained in the guide on the You Version website. You can also
read a small review for YouVersion at Chad Wright’s blog.

So is YouVersion the future of online bible study? I honestly couldn’t tell you! Invites to join are not very forthcoming at the moment as they are in the testing phase. However, the early signs look really good. I’ll let you know when/if I am invited to join and give an update on how it works. You can ask for an invite too by giving them your email address (there is an option on their home page).



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  4. I Tunes doesn’t offer the Offline version of this bible. I do not have access to the internet on my I touch. I need to download it from my PC. Where do I find a link.

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