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Act quickly to get ten free audiobooks

christianaudio_logo.jpgChristian Audio are celebrating thanksgiving by giving away TEN free audiobooks! However, you have to act very quickly as this amazing offer is only valid until the 24th November. The instructions on how to access the downloads are given on the thanksgiving page.

Here are the ten books that Christian Audio are generously offering:

  • Getting to Know Jesus (Unabridged) by George MacDonald
  • The Wise Woman (Unabridged) by George MacDonald
  • Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce (Unabridged) by John Piper
  • The Legend of Squanto (Unabridged)
  • The Universe Next Door 4th Ed: A Basic Worldview Catalog (Unabridged) by James W Sire
  • The Message Remix: Psalms & Proverbs (Unabridged) by Eugene H. Peterson
  • Renovare: Living in the Kingdom of God (Unabridged) by James Bryan Smith & Dallas Willard
  • Revolution (Unabridged) by George Barna
  • A Clearing in the Wild (Unabridged) by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • Calvin for Armchair Theologians (Unabridged) by Christopher Elwood

Free audiobooks:

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