free “War of Worldviews” Christian book

war of worldviewsAnswer in Genesis has a great free book called “War of Worldviews” available from their website.

This books looks at the impact that the secular humanist views of our modern society are having. It looks at various areas and shows how many secular arguments are founded on different word views rather than different evidence. Perhaps the key starting point being that secular evolutionary theory by its very nature would mean we live in a world with moral relativism.

Here is part of the synopsis that Answers in Genesis gives for its book:

Morality is a very difficult problem for the evolutionary worldview. This isn’t to say that evolutionists are somehow less moral than anyone else. Most of them adhere to a code of behavior. Like the biblical creationist, they do believe in the concepts of right and wrong. The problem is that evolutionists have no logical reason to believe in right and wrong within their own worldview. Right and wrong are Christian concepts which go back to Genesis. By attempting to be moral, therefore, the evolutionist is being irrational; for he must borrow biblical concepts which are contrary to his worldview.

There are thirteen chapters in this free book covering a variety of areas, as shown below

  • Chapter 1: The “evolutionizing” of a culture
  • Chapter 2: Can natural processes explain the origin of life?
  • Chapter 3: Are mutations part of the “engine” of evolution?
  • Chapter 4: Did humans really evolve from apelike creatures?
  • Chapter 5: Does the Bible say anything about astronomy?
  • Chapter 6: Does the big bang fit with the Bible?
  • Chapter 7: Where did the idea of “millions of years” come from?
  • Chapter 8: What’s wrong with progressive creation?
  • Chapter 9: Is the intelligent design movement Christian?
  • Chapter 10: Can creationists be “real” scientists?
  • Chapter 11: How should a Christian respond to “gay marriage”?
  • Chapter 12: What’s the best “proof” of creation?
  • Chapter 13: What is a biblical worldview?

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