Free Sexual Detox book for Christian men

sexual-detox-christian.jpgTim Challies has released two free ebooks for men on Sexual Detox, one for single men and one for married men. These pdfs are very well written and include plenty of application questions. They really are required reading for any man struggling with sexual temptation.

The pdfs were born from a series Tim did on Sexual Detox that resulted in huge interest from both his readers and visitors at his blog. Soon the books will be available for purchase at amazon, but you can get them free now (and presumably forever!) at his website. They are about 30 pages long, but with plenty of questions to think about it will not necessarily be a quick read!

Here is the introduction

It isn’t easy being a guy today. Maybe it never has been easy, but today the challenges to guys who want to be holy, who want to honor God with their minds and bodies, seem tougher than ever. You live at a time and in a culture that seems given over to sex. It is all around you and you can hardly avoid its lure.

Everywhere you go today you are faced with temptations and, if you are like most young men, have begun to give in to them. Perhaps you have only just begun looking at pornography or perhaps you’ve been doing so for many years. Perhaps you are struggling with masturbation, not really wanting to indulge yourself but finding that it’s a whole lot tougher to quit than you would have thought. Perhaps you are finding that, more than ever, sex is filling your mind and impacting your heart.
This booklet is intended primarily for young, married men. I want to use this short guide to help you discover God’s plan for sex and sexuality. I want to help you track down the lies you have believed about sex and I want to help you replace them with truth that comes straight from God, the one who created sex for us.

12 thoughts on “Free Sexual Detox book for Christian men”

  1. please i will be happy if you could send me one of your product because i am young boy and i would like to stay clean or away from sex.Infact,it seem hard for me.please help me.
    p.o. box se 1573 suame kumasi.Ghana W/A

  2. Please share it with me.It will be very helpful for me ,a very young and strgulling brother.i am chinese

  3. please share to me this good book.
    i can use this book and it would be a good help as i share it to young people in our church.

    thank you and God bless.

  4. what you guys are doing is great but a book should also be written for young women coz we are also struggling with the same problems

  5. Ihave just Read the Intro. of this Material on Sexual Purity. Iam Married, but Thoughts and Tempetation on Sex is Displayed In our Papers, Magazine and Every where. please Send for me A copy

  6. three words… just send it now please! And I’m only….14. To anybody who hasnt fallen, NEVER EVER try to explore this sin…it will eat you and expand like a fire, which is almost impossible to stop. please send it!

  7. I am no longer young, and I have been single for over 20 years. What resource can aid me in a recovery program? I am so tired of always hearing about the wives, about the relationships, as if — If you are not a couple, you are really on the wrong planet and not one of us, we have nothing for you. I am a single man in my 50’s who has been very badly addicted to sexual release for several decades and am just now trying to get to my feet before my time ends.

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