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Free Corrie ten Boom audiobook “The Hiding Place”

The hiding place
This month’s free audiobook from christianaudio is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I’m excited to listen to this book which covers “the sovereignty of God, suffering, evil, and God’s purpose to work all things together for good”. Corrie ten Boom was caught in the middle of the holocaust and helped many Jews, before herself being handed over to a prison and concentration camp.

After this month the link on this post will change to a new audiobook so be quick if you want this one.

In addition to being one of the most important books we have published, our audiobook of The Hiding Place was nominated for 2010 Audiobook of the Year in the inspirational/non-fiction category. The narration by Bernadette Dunne is faithful to the story allowing, for people of all ages to enjoy this amazing audiobook.

christianaudio has formatted this free download in the popular MP3 & WMA formats so you can easily listen to it on your computer, put it on your iPod, burn to CD, or use in a variety of other devices. In addition, we have also provided the download in a tracked-by-chapter, bookmarkable M4B format as well; compatible with iTunes, the iPod, and QuickTime. You can also find

You can get the free audiobook by clicking here to go to Christian Audio. You will need to follow the instructions to set up an account before you can access the download, but this is free.

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