Free Journal on Pastors & their staff – Part 1

9marks pastor staff 1Last year 9Marks provided two journals on looking at the relationships between pastors & their staff. This is the first (click here to see the second), and covers topics such as managing staff.

For the Pastor

  • The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious of Staff Management. By Mark Dever
  • Senior Pastor as Servant’s Servant’s Servant.By Jeramie Rinne
  • Do You Disciple Your Staff? By Mark Mullery and Vince Hinders
  • Pastors’ Forum: Staff Meeting Best Practices

For the Pastor and His Staff

  • Dear Senior Pastor, Sincerely, the Associate Pastor. By Andy Johnson
  • Dear Associate Pastor, Sincerely, a Former Associate Pastor. By Michael Lawrence
  • Dear Staff, Sincerely, the Senior Pastor. By Jeramie Rinne

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  1. Hi sir, its with pleasure not just to leave a comment but to leave a request for your journals on the pastor, and any other related topics whether in Christianity in philosophy. this will aid me in the development of my Thesis on the topic: The Relevance of Pragmatic Philosophy to Pastoral Ministry in an African Church in relation to John Dewey.

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