Free Journal on Pastors & their staff – Part 2

9marks journal 2 Last year 9Marks provided two journals on looking at the relationships between pastors & their staff. This is the second (click here to see the first) and covers the tricky areas of hiring and firing, how much you should pay pastors, and other topics

Hiring and Firing

  • When Should Ministry Be Staffed? By Jamie Dunlop
  • You Have An Obligation to Fire Incompetent Staff By Matt Schmucker
  • You Should Think Twice Before Firing Incompetent Staff By Phillip Jensen

Nuts and Bolts

  • Blessings and Trials of Short-Term Staff By Mark Dever
  • Why Your Second Hire Might Be an Administrative Pastor By Ryan Townsend
  • How Much Should You Pay Your Pastors? By Patrick Traylor

Senior Pastor: Yea or Nay?

  • The Case for the Senior Pastor By Greg Gilbert
  • The Case Against the Senior Pastor By Shawn Wright

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