desiring God – update

There has been another collection of sermons added to the Desiring God website. According to the Desiring God Blog, “Every two years John Piper completes a rotation of weekend seminars on different aspects of Christian doctrine and practice.”

These seminars added include the following areas:

  • Biblical Eldership
  • Desiring God
  • Future Grace
  • Gravity and Gladness on Sunday Morning: The Pursuit of God in Corporate Worship
  • Prayer, Meditation, and Fasting
  • Sexual Complementarity: The Pursuit of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  • Suffering for the Sake of the Body: The Pursuit of People Through Pain
  • Why We Believe the Bible

Also, you may want to read an article on the ‘Between Two Worlds’ blog which touches on the Desiring God website, and how providing free stuff helps to spread the gospel.


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A review of the website:
Between Two Worlds blog:

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