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Sovereign Grace Ministries

sovereign grace free Christian sermons
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A great collection of sermons from a variety preachers.


Sovereign Grace  logoFollowing the lead of Desiring God, Sovereign Grace Ministries have made all of their mp3 sermons available free for download! Sovereign Grace are non-denominational and prefer to think of themselves as a family of Churches passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This passion comes through in their sermons.

The exciting thing about this news is there are some really anointed preachers from Wayne Grudem’s style of teaching to C.J.Mahaney’s humorous and touching preaches. Some of the better known preachers included are:

Ease of use and Presentation

You can search either by the preacher, or the subject and many of the sermons also include the outline of preach in pdf format.


Quality preaches for nothing…enough said!


fCr rating:4 stars
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes)Loading...


  • Easy to search by topic areas
  • It includes some fantastic preachers
  • Wide variety of styles


  • None



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