Elbourne Sermon Illustrations

Sermon IllustrationsElbourne.org is a Southern Baptist blog, and it includes a comprehensive sermon illustration section.

At the time of writing this review there was 4,938 illustrations apparently! So there are plenty of opportunities to find a relevant illustration.

Quality of examples

I confess I have not scoured all 4,938 illustrations, however the standard of illustration is high. There are many classic quotes, as well as some more contemporary examples.

Ease of use etc.

You can either search alphabetically, or type in a specific word. The search option is by far the best option, as it pulls up all possible illustrations, with their full title. The alphabetical lists are slightly less user friendly.


Easy to use and lots of examples.


fCr rating:3.5 out of 5 stars
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  • Loads of high quality illustrations
  • Mixture of types of examples (e.g. from Plato to Madonna)
  • Stimulates other ideas


  • Still in beta test mode (at the date of this review)


Website: http://elbourne.org/sermons/

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